The Tonelux VRack Helps Forge the Hits at the Mix Factory
Producer and Engineer Tony Shepperd finds his Tonelux VSeries Rack vital to his work

Los Angeles, CA, Tony Shepperd, owner of Breath of Life Records, sounds enthusiastic when describing how Tonelux integrates into his studio, The Mix Factory. His schedule is booked, the day is looking busy with talent waiting to record and tracks to be mixed.  With the kinetic pace of his studio, Tony is happy to have a “friend” to lean on in his Tonelux VRack.  “It’s absolutely fantastic, and the way I like to work, it’s primo.  There is a sweetness and a bottom end to it, there is a transparency when I need it, and so much more.  To get all of that in a fourspace rack is amazing!”

“It’s very flexible in terms of x amount of inputs in four spaces, but also incredibly expandable when I want to add more units.  In some time, I can expand this into a Model 1628! I am not just locked in to what it is now, I can have these units work for me in the future.  I think that is one aspect of Paul Wolff’s design, is that not

only can you use this now, but you can keep expanding it for the next 20 years of your life.”  Tony is referring to the modular aspect of Tonelux, where an engineer can construct the unit of his dreams, piece by piece. As with all VSeries sized modules, the units from Tony's VRack can be used in the future to build a larger console, the Model 1628.  

Tony is currently working on Sheléa’s new album, which will be released soon.  There was a lot of commotion in the studio recently when Sheléa performed at an event honoring Hal David and Burt Bacharach in Washington D.C., with other performers Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow, Diana Krall, Lyle Lovett, Arturo Sandoval, and Michael Feinstein.  Furthering their delight was surprise request for Sheléa to perform at the White House.  The event will air on PBS stations on May 21. For more on Tony's recent events check out: