Paul Reed Smith and Paul Andrew Wolff
paul reed smith

"Until now, the last time I heard a piece of gear that made sound more musical was when I was working on an old Neve 8068.  This week, engineer Bill Plummer and I demoed a Tonelux rig.  We set-up and listened to tracks through the Tonelux MX2 modules into the Tonelux mix bus, and whatever we put into it sounded much better . Every instrument and vocal went from a two-dimensional image to a three-dimensional image, sounded bigger and more musical just by putting the Tonelux modules in series.  When we used the Tonelux modules as a full mix bus, everything sounded better, without any EQ or compression.
I'm ordering a Tonelux console today, and I will be mixing"out of the box " from now on .  Thanks Paul! You're on to something special."
Paul Reed Smith

The installation at Paul's House:

16) MX2's, 12) EQ4P's, 4) MP1's, 10) FX2+ and a CR5.1 Surround Control Room master control.

Yes, he had the panels painted a deep metalic midnight Blue....

Paul with his Engineer (and our buddy), Bill Plummer, mixing the new record from Paul Reed Smith's band.

And, of course, Mr. Know It All and Paul sitting behind the Sterling Modular console.