The Orchard ( is a name already well-known to many in the music community. A leading digital distributor, The Orchard represents thousands of artists and music labels, globally supplying songs and albums to iTunes, eMusic, MSN, Rhapsody and a host of other download marketplaces. While the company sees itself mainly as a marketing service and global developer, its mission is also to build up value-added services for labels and artists — such as go-anywhere recording with its new “small but mighty” mobile production studio.  The Orchard has the largest catalog in the world and has recently licensed their 1 millionth track!

The Orchard’s chief engineer Jeff Hoffman         Photo: David Weiss

“In part because everything we're doing here is ending up in the digital domain, and in part because [Orchard president/CEO] Greg Scholl and myself are kind of analog guys, we wanted to have that flavor to it,” Hoffman says. “The Tonelux console is emblematic of a lot of new manufacturing that's designed for people that don't have room for a big console but want that classic sound. It's comparable to an API — the EQs sound really great, the racks are 16 modules per rack and you can outfit it however you want.