Michael James Sporting one of 24 TONELUX EQ4Ps

Mixing the new ASIA record, "GPS" With Michael, John Payne and  Jay Schellen

Michael said this:

"The EQs ROCK!!!  I am over the moon for them.  What's really cool is that they let me add lots of boost without adding UGLINESS.  They are soooo musical

Recently, he emailed me and said:

"I dig the EQ4P so much that I loaded my V-Rack with 16 of them.  They're so easy to dial in that I spend less time EQ'ing and more time being creative.  Before I got the first eight, I assumed they would not be surgical enough to handle some of the problems I encounter when mixing other guys' tracks.  But the 1/3-octave switch allows detailed manipulation of the sound, and the default proportional Q is incredibly musical, even at extreme settings.  Within 15 minutes of use, I placed the order for another eight!  (he now has 24)

Tonelux EQs allow me to use much less compression to make drums slam big-time.  I like what they do to acoustic and electric guitars, and they're now my go-to EQ for lead vocals.  With Pro Tools, they put some mojo on tracks even when bypassed.  Ya gotta love those discrete amplifiers and output transformers!"

Michael James