TED WHITE's Studio, INTONATO, is quite busy these days mixing independent artists and mixing a lot of live shows for LIVE NATION.

Independent sound engineer, Ted White, mixed various live performances of OneRepublic in HD Video using a modular Tonelux console and a hybrid Pro Tools rig.


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – FEBRUARY 2008: Right out of the gate, Colorado-based five-piece OneRepublic has scored a major hit with their Grammy-nominated debut single “Apologize” and are well-positioned to rise above the clatter of their pop rock contemporaries. In addition to performances on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Today Show, and many others, the band recently played to a wall-to-wall crowd at the Anaheim House of Blues. Live Nation, Universal Music, and Interscope arranged to capture the performance in HD Video. They had originally planned to only follow through with post-production on the band’s three biggest hits. However, when the organizers heard independent sound engineer Ted White’s mixes, completed on a hybrid Pro Tools/Tonelux analog system, they asked him to mix the entire performance!

White is best known for his work in the LA indie blues and jazz scene, although he has recently branched out to bless Five For Fighting, Switchfoot, and others with open, warm mixes. His work with OneRepublic continues that trend. White does some sub-mixing and processing in Pro Tools HD at 96kHz and then outputs 24 channels to his modular Tonelux console through Aurora converters before mixing down to 5.1 or, in this case, stereo.

“It seems that almost every project that a mix engineer is asked to work on these days is in a digital format,” White commented. “We don’t always have any control over that, and I think sound quality suffers for it. Tonelux is the first solution to come along that melds perfectly with the DAW environment to give a mix a high-end analog sound. And since it’s totally modular, an engineer can build a console that perfectly fits his or her needs.”

Although he recently added some MX5.1 modules, and is free to add additional modules of all sorts in the future, White’s Tonelux board at the time of the OneRepublic mixes consisted entirely of summing mixers. Specifically, he has 16 TR8 Bus Assign modules and 8 MX5.1 Mixer modules, which allow him to mix and pan in stereo or surround. “I’ve always been a fan of Paul Wolff’s designs, and when I heard about the modular approach to Tonelux gear, I knew it was the solution I had been searching for,” White said. “The Tonelux retains the warm bottom-end of all the best large-format analog consoles, but the top-end is noticeably more open. In addition, the stereo image has much more detail coming out of the Tonelux console than it has when I mix solely in Pro Tools.

“This gear does a great service to the engineer,” he continued. “I’m able to work more efficiently and deliver a product that sounds much better than I could ever achieve if I stayed completely in the digital domain. Frankly, without that tone, I wouldn’t have been able to take on a lot of the projects that I have recently completed.”

White’s OneRepublic mixes are currently available as MPEG 4 video on iTunes as bonus material for purchasing the entire album “Dreaming Out Loud.”

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Ted is using a TONELUX TR8 Bussing system along with the new rack with the MX5.1 Surround modules and recently added EQ4Ps.  The system allows him to mix in STEREO and SURROUND at the same time using the bussing in the TR8 and TR8+ modules.

He said this about TONELUX:

"I’m using a 16x8 summing buss/mixer configured from Tonelux modules that sounds great. I’m using 8 x TR8 modules and 8 x TR8+ modules in one of the Tonelux racks and I love it. In my opinion, sonically, it’s every bit as good as the API Vision I’ve been mixing on over the last few years, even better. Paul Wolff designed that API Vision too, it’s just that the Tonelux sounds a little more open to me, especially from the high-mids on up.

I do both of 5.1 and stereo mixing, so I chose to start with the TR8 modules. The first six busses are dedicated to surround, while 7&8 are dedicated to Stereo. But, of course, I can change this at anytime. I like it so much that I’m going to add another rack and get 8 of the MX5.1 Mixer modules which will easily sum into the 8) TR8 Plus bus masters.

If you are just interested in Stereo only, your possibilities are even greater, I think, with the way you can mix and match modules, and create a custom console that can always be added to without any hassle. I've demo'd the Tonelux EQ's and the compressor as well. They both sound excellent. The compressor with its' "feed forward/back" pot is ridiculous. It's a great shaping type of tool and is just plain bad ass."