"I used all kinds of wonderful gear from Tonelux on Mindi Abair's record. The most important by far were the Tonelux TX5C's on my master, which quite frankly hold all my mixes together on every project I do. They allow me to work within a given realm where I don't feel like I'm getting squeezed into a box when they kick into gear. The full spectrum of my sound can pass right through and not be compromised... In fact, I can even manipulate things in the most creative ways and come up with something truly flattering at a moments notice."

  "Among other Tonelux standouts, I would have to say that the eq5p's were a tremendous help on all the vocal tracks. They are so musical and technical sounding, I wish I had 46 more! I was able to easily chop out the mud and add glitter or grit where it was appropriate. You can really drive them hard if you need to. They can take a tremendous beating and wrangle things not just into submission but outright bliss!"

Watch Adam break down his work process during the recent Neon Greens album below:


Adam Berg, owner of Manifest Music in Los Angeles
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